Hair Loss and Medications

So you’re experiencing hair loss from your medications. Guess what? So am I. After years of trying different techniques the best solution I’ve found is hair extensions.

Your doctor might not think it is a big deal, but I know that it is another side effect that you feel like you have no control over. Hair extensions have been my solution to counter this medication side effect and get back to feelings like my normal self!

There are four common types of hair extensions

  1. Tape-in hair extensions (taped-in sections)
  2. Micro-bead/fusion hair extensions (individual beaded/fused strands )
  3. Braided weft (panel that is sewn into braided hair)
  4. Beaded weft (panel that is sewn into beaded rows)

I wanted to make sure that I picked an extension that would provide the most volume for my hair, not damage my hair further, and that could be re-used. I have tried tape-in hair extensions and the beaded weft and I want to share the pros and cons of both.


Tape-in hair extensions


  1. Fastest and easiest method- the strands consist of double-sided tape that surround a section of hair. These extensions were usually in place between 30-40 minutes.
  2. Re-usable- these extensions could be used at-least once more.
  3. Minimal damage- the surface area is spread over a large section of hair and no heat is used during application.


  1. Maintenance- the tape would start to bunch over time making it difficult to style my hair.
  2. Visibility- I was constantly checking to make sure the tape wasn’t showing when I put my hair up.
  3. Durability- extensions would fall out every now and then.

Beaded sewn in weft


  1. Re-usable- I get the weft tightened every 4-6 weeks and a new application every second appointment. The hair looks exactly the same as when I got it a year ago.
  2. Minimal damage- the beads do not damage my hair like a braid might.
  3. Visibility- I can easily pull my hair back without having to worry.
  4. Durability- the hair is not going anywhere!


  1. Slower method.

Overall, I’d recommend the beaded sewn in weft if you are looking for more volume with less evident use of hair extensions.

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