How to Travel with a Chronic Illness

Travelling with a chronic illness can be intimidating, but it shouldn’t prevent you from going on the adventure of a life time! I’ve backpacked across Europe, made my way up the coast of Australia, and been around North America.

Follow these tips to make sure you are prepared for every scenario.

1.Set up a consultation with a travel clinic to get travel vaccinations. Consult with your physician if you are not sure which vaccinations you are allowed to get.

2. Buy a MedicAlert bracelet. This shows that you are on medication if you are in an accident and keeps an online record of your medication.

3. Have proper travel insurance, learn what it covers, and know how to activate a claim. Keep all original receipts and contact information of the specialist if an accident occurs.

4. Bring your own over-the-counter medication (e.g. Tylenol cold).

5. Re-fill your prescription medications. Carry extra medications, know which medications can be replaced abroad, and what to do if you lose your medications.

6. Travel with all medication in prescription bottles and a letter from your physician if transporting biologic medication. Keep extra copies of your travel letter.

7. Use a backpack as a carry on. You will need it for your medications. Remember to have your medications in a clear plastic bag!

8. Carry a document with your ​list of medications, dosage, how often you take your medication, allergies, medical staff contact information, emergency contacts, and insurance information. Keep extra copies and let your friends/family know how to find it.

9. Book accomodations that are central to minimize walking. Your body will need a clean and comfortable place to relax. Alternate between budget accomodations and airbnbs/hotels.

10. Travel with rolling luggage or a rolling backpack, pack lightly, and ship items home if your bag gets too heavy.

11. Find the quickest transportation. It is better to spend more money to get there sooner instead of compromising your health. Explore discounted airlines.

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